Leaders Creating
Lasting Positive Change

A Two-and-a-Half-Day Leadership Development Program for
Executives With Six Individual Coaching Sessions

The Leaders Creating Lasting Positive Change program is a three month leadership development experience based on Harvard Professors Robert Kegan and Lisa Lahey’s effective adult development research and methodology for creating sustainable change.

Through this process, your leaders will:
+  Unlock the door to their continuous professional development
+  Identify their leadership aspiration
+  Overcome the primary personal challenges limiting their full effectiveness as leaders
+  Sustain positive changes and step into a more powerful leadership style
+  Lead with greater confidence in their authentic selves
+  Learn a repeatable process to stay agile and lead in a complex, ever-changing world

+ Executives and functional leaders
+ Those identified as high potential talent
+ Leaders recently promoted into new leadership roles
+ Senior leadership teams

+ Two-Day Launch: We begin with a two-day immersion experience with senior leaders or an
intact senior leadership team.
+ Individual Coaching: Following the two-day experience, we work with each leader individually,
scheduling six 1:1 coaching sessions within the three months following the leadership retreat.
+ Half-Day Program Integration and Close: We gather again after the completion of 3-months of
coaching to share our growth and progress. We learn how to repeat the process, strengthen our
agility, and adapt our leadership ability to continually meet the needs of the organization.

Imagine if your company had a core contingent of leaders who knew how
to change their behavior, develop themselves, and continuously evolve to
meet the needs of our complex and ever-changing world. And that these
leaders knew how to help others develop, adapt and change rapidly and
successfully. Give your leaders the opportunity to learn processes to create
lasting positive change that can improve your bottom-line.

Our combined experience and dynamic, interactive facilitation engages leaders in the process
of reflection, acceptance and accountability. We have been personally trained and certified by
Harvard authors and professors Robert Kegan and Lisa Lahey in the Immunity to Change process.


Grace Moniz, M.S., BCC
Grace Moniz is an executive and team coach who specializes in leadership
development and team communications. She supports executives in
accelerating the process of personal change and has helped leaders achieve
freedom from personal limitations. Teams have developed a foundation of
common understanding™ that stimulates alignment, fuels engagement, and
unleashes creativity. Her clients span the aerospace, healthcare, higher
education, consumer products, and air transportation industries. Grace
holds a Master’s degree in Organizational Leadership and multiple
certifications in researched based coaching methodologies.


Cindy Miller, PhD, ACC
An experienced leadership, team and organization development consultant, Cindy
has held global leadership roles in the biotech, pharma and financial services
industries. She is a trusted coach and effective facilitator who has helped hundreds
of leaders develop their potential, achieve their goals and lead large-scale changes.
She holds a PhD in Human and Organization Systems and an MA in Human
Development from Fielding Graduate University and BA from Georgetown
University. Her original research on Meaningful Work Over the Life Course has
inspired many to find more meaning in their work and in their lives.