Our Approach

We deliver one-on-one coaching, retreats, and facilitated learning programs through a custom framework, tailored specifically to the needs of you and your organization.

Research Based Tools & Methodologies

Immunity to Change™
Conversational Intelligence®
The Birkman Method®
Core Values Index (CVI™)

FORMATS – What You Can Expect

1:1 Executive Coaching
Most coaching engagements span three, six or 12 months. We use a proven, evidenced-based, four–step process to quickly access the root of your challenge.

Discover – We outline your strengths, challenges, and any assumptions that limit your effectiveness. We identify your optimal areas of development and engage stakeholders to lend their perspectives and support. We may use assessments and 360 interviews or surveys to deepen your self-awareness.

Envision– With a starting point established, we co-develop a vision of success. What does victory look like and feel like? What would you do and how would you think, feel and act differently from today? What does progress look like? We co-develop a plan and set it in motion.

Explore – We dive into the work. We create the space for you to safely experiment, reflect, learn, and repeat as you incrementally and iteratively take steps toward your goal.

Embed – You integrate what you learn. Anchored in accountability you act on your new insights with confidence.


Corporate Leadership / Team Retreats
Our corporate retreats are highly customized, one- or two-day events. We invest time upfront in discovery sessions with corporate leaders to ensure core aspirations are incorporated and the retreat meets intended outcomes.

Professional Development Programs
We provide tailored 1-day workshops combined with individual coaching to embed learning as well as individual and team assessment debriefs. Topics may include leadership, team, and career development, enhancing team communication through Conversational Intelligence.

Other formats are available, please contact us below for more information.